How to Create Work Life Balance Boundaries

How to Create Work Life Balance Boundaries
March 26, 2019 Biznostics


Would you like to have a better work-life balance?

Are you working more hours than you’d like and it is impacting your time with your family?

Too many small business owners are under the illusion that if they throw more hours or work harder at something that somehow, they’re going to get on top of things.

What really needs to happen is to take a take a step back and diagnose why this is happening.  By getting to the root cause as to why you are always working these long hours you can start to claim back your time.

To get you started, this video reveals three things that can help you get the work-life balance which so many small business owners are hoping for:

1) Make a decision

This may sound simple but is a crucial first step.  Make a decision as to when you’ll work and when you won’t. Decide when it’s okay to bring work home and when it’s not.  It is up to you to set the boundaries.  You need to make that decision.  Once you have made the decision share it with people around you who can hold you accountable to what you have committed to.


2) Work Out Your High Value Tasks

The second thing that is to look at all the different things you do during a typical week and categorise them.  Assign a value to each task based on what you would pay someone to do that task (or what you believe that task is worth to your business).  Based on this some of the tasks you do will have a much higher value than others.  By knowing what your highest value tasks are, start investing more time into them.  This will help drive your business forward.


3) Stop Doing Low Value Tasks

You need to stop doing low value tasks! Identify low value tasks you need to stop doing in your business altogether or look to ways to outsource them.  You may want to outsource it to someone else within your business or maybe outsource to someone outside of your business.  The key is to be smart with what you outsource. By stopping trying to do everything in your business you’ll start to get some of your time back.


In summary, getting a great work-life balance involves setting boundaries in each of these areas:

  • When you work after hours and when you won’t;
  • The high value tasks only you will do; and
  • The low value tasks that you will no longer do (and will outsource to someone else).

By setting these, what will happen is that you’re going to get more control of your time and your life and your family are going to see you much more often.  And as a bonus you will drive your business further ahead and faster by doing things this way.


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