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Biznostics is an online business school that educates, equips and empowers people in business to succeed

Rueben Taylor

Gavin Bassett

Biznostics, founded by Rueben Taylor and Gavin Bassett provides step by step guidance, tools and resources for small businesses in the construction industry.  If your business is not running efficiently and you are feeling stuck in the day to day and want focus, clarity and confidence to build your business, then Biznostics is designed specifically for you.

Biznostics Gives You

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Pinpointing the highest value areas that will drive your business forward.

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Getting clear on where you are taking your business and the best path to get you there.

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Having a deeper understanding of your business so you have confidence to grow it.

Ways Biznostics Can Help You

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Join the Construction Business Owners Network

Learn how to make your business more profitable, more efficient and more enjoyable to work at.

Business Freedom Formula

Watch a 20 Minute

Crash Course

Learn how to take control of your time so you are more efficient, less stressed and have more freedom.

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Book Your 30 Minute Exploration Call

Brainstorm the simplest, quickest and smartest path to achieve your business goals.


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Join the Business Freedom Program

Create a business that makes the money you want and have the freedom to choose how much you work.

 Be in Control and Have More Freedom

Business Freedom Formula

Biznostics guides you step by step to build a business that gives you freedom by working through 3 key phases:

1) Foundations – Getting your business under control.

2) Growth – So that your business makes the money you want.

3) Replacement – So you get to do what you want with your time.

 Here’s What Biznostics Customers Are Saying

Marius Bruning
High Point Electrical

“Biznostics helped me improve my time efficiency by 20%.  Plus I am now making an extra $800-$1000 every week.”

Shaun Dayman

Shaun Dayman
Plantagenet Sheds

”My time management is now more purposeful, professional and efficient.  With this focus and confidence I am now winning more of  the work I want to win.”

Eric Maher

Eric Maher
Maher Fencing 

“I was able to create $35,000 in extra jobs within 4 weeks  and now have 8 hours a week to work ON my business.”


3 Proven Tactics That Give You 5 Hours Back In Your Week

Inside you’ll discover 3 proven tactics to stop time being wasted in your day so you get more done each week….

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