How To Generate More Leads For Your Small Business

How To Generate More Leads For Your Small Business
December 19, 2017 Biznostics

One of the most effective ways to generate more leads for your small business is by pulling together a database of your customers. This database can simply be acquired from various sources including a list of previous customers, enquiries or past invoices. The key is to put them together into a format where you can nurture and actually build a relationship with them over time.

If you already have a database, consider is how warm or cold is your database.

If your database is cold, they would regard your emails as unsolicited as you would be coming across as unfamiliar to them. In this case, you need to ease into it a little bit and start to warm up your database.

Start by adding value

What could you send them, show them, or give them? Perhaps you could send them an infographic or a little video which actually shows them how to get more out of the product or service that you offer. This way, over time, you would be able to warm up your database.

However, if you already have a warm database that is already responding to the information that you are sending them. Then, a great way to stimulate leads is to have some form of powerful offer.

Send them an offer that will make them take action now.

What can you actually do that will provide value to the person in mind?

An offer usually is something that you have packaged up that provides a special deal to your customers. A good tip on how to make your offer more powerful is to make it scarce or limited. It is our human nature – as human beings, we just don’t want to miss out. For instance, the offer could be for a ‘limited time only’ or ‘for the first 20 customers’.


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