The Importance of Asking Better Questions In Your Business

The Importance of Asking Better Questions In Your Business
July 4, 2018 Biznostics


You might have heard the famous saying that “nothing is impossible“.

When working towards your desired outcomes, it is always important not to take anything at face value. There is always a way around issues in every situation.

Consider this situation: You have broken your foot a few weeks before a very important business conference overseas. Your doctor says that it is going to be a long recovery process; it will be impossible for you to travel with your cast in the next three to four months.

If you take that at face value, you are simply going to miss out on a huge opportunity for your business. However, if you ask a better question: “What would you need to do with my foot and with the cast and everything that you’re doing to enable me to be able to go to the conference?“. Asking that question would help project a sense of urgency that would make the doctor brainstorm on possible alternatives to make it happen for you.

This applies to business as well. Often in business, we tend to accept things on face value when we can think of a better question.

Ask a better question to your customers so they end up buying more from you. Ask better questions to your staff so that they can perform better and do more for you. Ask better questions to your suppliers for better deals that can help you out.

The key here is to not go through the motions in your business and accept everything so much on face value. Take that time to think of a better question that can potentially give you a better outcome so that your business accelerates in the manner that you want it to.



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