How to Manage Your Workload Effectively by Engaging Help

How to Manage Your Workload Effectively by Engaging Help
April 18, 2019 Biznostics


Do you have more work on your plate at the moment than you can handle?

Do you take work home with you sometimes, or come back to the office on weekends to complete your remaining tasks?

Are you starting to see that the amount of time you spend in your business is negatively affecting your family time?

Perhaps it is time to get some assistance or some help with your workload.

Think of your time as a box

Your time is limited. Think of it like a box.  It has sides and a finite volume and space.

Just like your business, you only have a certain capacity within that 24 hours in a day to get work done in our business.

Think about what you can physically put in your box.

The way to think about this is to list down the activities that you are currently doing and that you can potentially hire someone else to do.

For example, if you were charging $80 or $90 an hour, can you pay someone $20 to $30 an hour to do some of your lower-value tasks such as admin work, sales, follow-ups etc.

This will allow you can put more focus on doing your high-value tasks. Everything that you do has a value attached to it and so identify the ones that you can actually get some help with, so you can get things done and get some of that time back.

Consider the different help options available

There is more than one way to go about it. You can outsource. You can consider hiring sub-contractors, a casual employee, a commissioned employee or a temporary employee – depending on the type of help you need and how long you need it for (temporary or permanent solutions).

One of the big obstacles among business owners is the lack of confidence and trust to hand over a task to someone else.

“Can someone understand this situation or this part of the business as well as I do?”

The reality is with the right person on board, they can potentially take your business to places that you could not imagine.

They will help you get much more done and free up more of your time.

The key here is to think critically about what you are doing and where you can engage some help with your workload that is going to help move your business forward.


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