3 Ways to Take More Time Off From Your Small Business

3 Ways to Take More Time Off From Your Small Business
October 11, 2017 Biznostics


Do you have a holiday in mind that you’ve been wanting to go on, but never got around to actually getting the time off? It’s undeniable to feel that you need to work day and night when owning your own business. You find yourself with an endless list of things that need doing. And there never seems to be the perfect time to take a holiday.  

Why do you need to take time off from your business?

At Biznostics, we believe it is essential to take a break from your business. You get the chance to recharge and do the things you love like spending quality time with your family. By taking a small break from work allows you to have some downtime and re-energise. Doing so will also improve your head space and performance. And when you get back, your business will thank you for it because you’re working smarter AND harder.

Here’s what you can do to take that extra time off.

1. Book time off

Don’t wait for the perfect moment to take your time off, just mark it in your calendar and book it! Schedule your holidays at the beginning of the year so they are locked in. That way you are committed to go on that holiday and your business will work its way around it.

2. Manage your finances

To go on holidays and have time off comes at a cost – but it doesn’t have to. You might think that being away from your business means losing money. But this can be managed by working out ways to get a bit of extra income. Do this in advance so you are covered for that time off.

3. Making time

There’s no need to stress about who’s going to do all those things you normally do, because with enough preparation those things can be planned out. If you’re the only person answering calls, get a system or service that answers calls for you. Taking time off is also a great opportunity to train someone who can take those extra responsibilities whenever you’re not around.

So make that holiday happen, with enough planning and taking the right measures you’ll be able to take a break without worrying about how your business is being ruined.      


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