How To Make Your Quotes Stand Out

How To Make Your Quotes Stand Out
June 25, 2018 Biznostics


People tend to seek multiple quotes before they make a decision on who they are going to use, especially with higher-priced jobs and items.

So, when you are giving your customers a quote, you should bear in mind that your quote is probably not the only quote they have received. And if your quote is about the same as everyone else in terms of price, specification and presentation, then your customer will naturally just base their decision on price.


So, how do you win that extra business? Simply make your quote stand out from the rest.

Here are five different ways you can make your quotes stand out from your competitors. This way you can differentiate your business and convert more of the quotes you are giving to potential clients.

1) Add a capability statement to your quote

This outlines what your business is good at and the type of work you can do. One of the things people often want to know is if you can deliver what they want/ need. By making this as clear as possible, it will make you look professional in your approach, thus making you stand out.

2) Demonstrate your uniqueness

What is unique about you? How are you better as compared to your competitors, besides your price and specifications? Think about three to five other unique things that you can communicate to your potential clients. Give them more reasons why they should pick you over someone else.

3) Use testimonials and case studies.

This adds a different and unbiased perspective to your customers. What are some of your customers saying about you? This could be presented in different formats such as written, photos, videos, case studies etc. People will see that you have actually done the work before and others have been happy doing business with you. This can be a great selling point.

4) Have a professional presentation

There are many software or programs that you can use these days that can potentially enhance the look of your quote. Make sure you present your business to your potential customers in the best light possible. Avoid presenting your quotes as a handwritten note or a boring standard template. If you can present your business professionally and creatively, standing out should not be a problem.

5) Consider how you deliver your quote

Finally, consider how you are delivering your quote. Sometimes it is going to make sense to physically present the quote to a customer, particularly with larger ticket items and higher-priced jobs. And also make sure you deliver your quotes in a timely manner. How you are delivering and following up after that, especially in the early stages of your relationship with your customer, can say a lot about your business, and can be used by your business to stand out.


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