How to Get Your Quotes Out Faster

How to Get Your Quotes Out Faster
May 7, 2019 Biznostics


Are you often chasing your tail trying to get your quotes out on time?

Maybe you are so busy that you send your quote late or don’t even quote at all.

This becomes a real problem and costs you business if you’re trying to win new business or trying to get someone to do repeat business with you.

You see, how timely you get your quotes to your customer or prospect reflects on your business.  In fact, if you deliver your quotes on time (or better still earlier), then you’ll win more business.

So how do you get your quotes out faster?  Here are 3 things that can help

1) Document your process.

You’ll waste time if you are working steps as you go on the fly or doing things from memory.  By writing down the steps you’ll be able to work out the best path to get your quotes out and make sure you have everything you need to get your quotes out faster.

To document your process, simply write down each step that happens when a person requests a quote.  This could be done as a flowchart or simply writing down the key steps.  The key is to document the whole process that you go through.  This provides a strong foundation for making your quoting process more efficient.

2) Set your time standards so you get your quotes out faster

Now, once you have documented your quoting process, the other thing to look at is setting time standards.  Your time standards put a time frame behind each step of your quoting process. Work out how long each step typically takes and what is a realistic time frame.

You see it’s one thing to actually promise a time frame, but what can you realistically do? What can you really do? In this whole process, just a thought, is that if you’re going to say to them that you are going to get the quote to them in seven days, make sure you get to them in six. Make sure that your system or your process is documented in such a way that you can actually get it to them earlier. I really, really hope that makes sense.

3) Make your quoting process more efficient

Next look at the processes behind each step.  My making each step more efficient you will get your quotes out faster.  Too often our quotes are taking long to get out because things are too cluttered or too complicated.  You need to identify ways that make it more leveraged.  Identify the things you could in place which will save you time at each step.  For example, you may want to do things like:

  • Having easy access to your materials list or your product list to make pricing easier
  • Using a templated format for your quote
  • Using software so that information you collect on site feeds directly into your quoting system and so on

Make sure for each step you have everything you need in such a way that it’s quick and easy for you to quote.

So just to recap, to get your quotes out faster:

  • Document your process.
  • Set some time standards for your process
  • Look at ways that you can save time for each step by making them more efficient

By doing this, you’ll be able to do more quotes, get your quotes out faster and you’ll end up winning more business.


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