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Coaching gives you clarity, accountability and results! With an experienced coach you can build a business that not only makes more money, but gives you your time back.

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Your Business Doesn't Have To Control You

Ever felt that your time is not your own?  Everyone wants to deal with you… your staff, your customers, your suppliers. So you work harder. You come in early. You leave late. Or worse still, you play catch up at night and weekends… costing you time with your family. Even when you are away from your business you can’t switch off. It’s even scary to take a decent holiday in case everything falls apart.

This is not how business is supposed to be. Being in business is should give you more time. Instead it feels more like a life sentence. It shouldn’t be this way! We’ve helped thousands of businesses escape this trap and build businesses that give them the money and lifestyle balance they desire. We can help you too! 

Walter Ferrari, Master Cabinets

Build a Business That Puts You Back in Control of Your Time

Enjoy the day-to-day knowing things are running efficiently and get to work on the things you want to.

Work normal hours so you have more time for family, sports and hobbies

Be able to take a decent holiday and relax knowing things are being taken care of while you are gone

We understand how frustrating it feels when everything in your business depends on you

Watch this Video to Discover the 5 Steps To Creating a Business That Gives You Freedom

Follow a Proven Path to Build a Business That Gives You Freedom To Do What You Want With Your Time

So you want to have more time to do what you want? To do that you need to build a business that doesn’t depend on you for everything. That way you’ll enjoy the freedom that comes with owning your own business. It can be frustrating when you can’t switch off or take a decent holiday because everything in your business depends on you.

We have spent the last 20 years helping over 3000 businesses claim back their time with our Premium Business Coaching Program. It is designed for people in business who are serious about learning how to run and build their business more successfully… and achieve the kind of freedom they always imagined when they first started their business.

You will work with an experienced business coach starting with an assessment of your business. This will determine which level you need to start work on to make sure that your business is setup for success. From there you will progressively work on each area that needs to be strengthened so you can have the freedom you are after.

Profit More & Work Less by Following a Proven Pathway to Business Success

There is a step by step pathway to building a successful business… and chances are you were never taught how. Follow our proven system to build a successful business step by step:


Get clear plans in place for your business on a monthly and weekly basis to help accelerate you towards your goals.


Get clear on your marketing strategies and plans to generate the flow of leads to helps your business grow.


Put in place all the systems your business needs to support your staff and your business operations.


Get clear on the financial model that will give you the profit you need to run and build your business.


Map out your sales process from start to finish and put in place scripts, templates and systems.


Put in place the systems to hire, fire and manage your staff, so that you have a team you can rely on.


Get your time under control so that you can work ON your business and drive it forward faster.


Establish how you want your customers to be served now and in the future that gives a consistent flow of repeat business.


Train the right people in the right places doing the right things so you have peace of mind.

Your Next Steps

Book Your Call with a Coach

Create your Game plan

Implement Your Plan With Your Coach

Profit More & Work Less.

Here's A Snapshot of the Results Our Clients Achieve

Biznostics Helped Me Focus On A Niche & Sales Up 50%

"Working with Biznostics I noticed some immediate results. Coaching was instrumental in helping me focus on a particular niche market, and then methodically working that market. As a result, we are now well established within this niche and get more and more unsolicited enquiries from prospective clients within this market. Our revenue is up by 50%, and we will achieve at least the same this financial year."
Yves Schoof
Maxim Private Office

“Sales Up 170% and Profits up 558%”

"With more accountability I have deadlines to meet which has enabled development of new strategic alliances, clear job descriptions and a new website. My time management skills have greatly improved not only for myself but for my team. Sales are up 170% and profits up 558% on this quarter last year. I love that we now are focused on results that we are constantly measuring."
Jenny Revell
Revell Landscaping

“Working Smarter & Get Time Off to Pursue Other Interests”

"The results speak for themselves, increased turnover, increased profits and I’m more focused and have clearer direction. I’m enjoying life much more. Sales have grown by 30% and profits are up 60% this year following a similar result last year. I have a set path for growth and I’m spending less time fluffing about reacting to situations. It’s also meant I have learnt more about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses…… my skill set as a business owner is now better."
Neil Haring
Irvin Bullbars

From 75 to 45 Hours a Week and Regular Family Holidays

"Biznostics has helped reducing my working week from 70-75 hours to 45, not working weekends, and being more profitable. For the first time as a business owner I have a work/life balance. "
Jason D'Costa

Profits up 300% and More Time Off

"Apart from increasing our sales and profitability by 300%, Biznostics has changed the way in which we live our lives. We are by far more focused on the important things in life, in and out of business, and we are getting closer to finding that work / life balance that was almost non-existent up until 12 months ago. "
Sam Rogers
Cushion Factory

Freed up 4 Hours a Day and More Family Time

"The program has helped me set things up behind the scenes much better.  I’m less stressed and the guys get a lot more of my time into how things work. I have freed up 4 hours a day and enjoy much more family time now."
Andrew Davies
Davies Electrics

Moving Forward With Confidence

"I have gone from a man with an idea to a man with a plan! With the guidance through this program, I have gone from being anxious and living in doubt to brimming with confidence because I am clear on where I am taking my business!"
With Biznostics in my corner I am smashing my monthly sales targets by almost 3 times!
Andy Cornwall
Shutdown Maintenance Supplies

Better Management of Business and Family Life

"Biznostics has helped me improve the workings and structure of my business and better manage my business and family life.
My time management is now more purposeful, professional and efficient.  With this focus and confidence, I am better targeting opportunities and now winning more of the work I want to win."
Shaun Dayman
Plantagenet Construction Group

Doubled Revenue in 12 Months

"I’ve doubled my revenue in the last 12 months.
I used to only have a couple of weeks worth of work in the pipeline but now I am booked out 4-6 weeks out and it’s been like that for the last few months.
It’s great having someone to motivate and push me to achieve my goals.”
Eric Maher
Maher's Fencing

Here’s What To Expect With Our 1-on-1 Business coaching Program

Regular Diagnosis

You and your coach will regularly diagnose your business to identify gaps and opportunities, so that you work on the right things at the right time.

Personalised guidance

Each fortnight you will meet with your coach to help you with any matters that rise out of your plan, keep you on track towards your goals and have a professional sounding board when you need it.

Critique Service

Your coach is available to review and critique any item you have been working on as part of your plan. This could be a marketing or sales piece, system or anything you have been working on.

Monthly Planning

Every month you will join our other Premium Clients for our monthly planning group session. This is your chance to learn from other businesses who are part of our community.

Online Platform

You will have access to 60 Missions that are broken down into small steps. Each Mission contains the templates, tools and examples you need so you can easily make progress, even if time is tight.

Support Every Step of the Way

You’ll never be alone. Whenever you are stuck, simply reach out to one of our team. You will always have someone in your corner to help you out along the way.