How To Get Your Employees Off To A Flying Start

How To Get Your Employees Off To A Flying Start
January 10, 2018 Biznostics


Are you about to hire someone for your business or perhaps you have hired someone recently?

Often for many small businesses, a lot of effort goes to hiring the right employees but not enough effort goes into what happens once they have actually started their job.

So what are the steps to take to ensure that your new employees get off to a flying start?

Here are five things you can consider:

1) Be really intentional about what you are doing. 

Plan and organise a structured program to show them your intention about what you want them to achieve. You can do this by demonstrating a few crucial things they need to achieve in the first day or the first week.


2) Consider how you can fast-track your return on investment.

You are investing your time and money by hiring an employee. Think of ways on how you can make them productive and effective to your business. What do they need to be able to do to start producing a return for the resources that you will invest in them?


3) Make expectations extremely clear. 

Communicate your expectations clearly and upfront. This includes your expected performance standards, the organisational culture and their job description just to name a few. Make sure it is black and white, not vague and just hoping that it works out. Another useful thing is to have clearly-stated milestones that need to be hit during the employee’s probation period. Best of all, once your expectations are clear, you will be also be able to use those as a standard or a benchmark to train someone in.


4) Induct your employees to the business.

What do they need to know about your company, about your industry, about how you do business? Think about the things that are necessary for them to know and understand to do their role well. Compile them into a checklist and take them through it. This will make your business even more efficient as you will be able to save a lot of time. Another example is to record videos so they can rewatch training sessions if they are unsure at any point during their job.


5) Induct your employees to their roles.

Similarly, introduce the systems that they are going to need to understand their roles.  For key tasks, identify competencies that need to be present for them to do their job well and build these into your training.  This may be in the form of a checklist or a timetable for their first 4-6 weeks.


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