4 Tips To Hire The Best Employees For Your Small Business

4 Tips To Hire The Best Employees For Your Small Business
November 7, 2017 Biznostics


Hiring employees can be a big decision as a business owner.

If you hire the right person, they are going to be a great asset for your business and help you move your business forward.

However, if you hire the wrong person, it is going to cost you a considerable amount of time and money.

Here are four important tips that you can use to hire the best employees for your business:

1) Ensure that you are clear on the employee you are after. 

You can start by listing down the appropriate qualities of an ideal applicant who is able to fit into your business. What are the skills, attitudes and personality? It will be more obvious to see who fits the bill and who does not when you have clearly listed what you seek. This will ease the hiring process.

2) Think of recruitment as marketing. 

Marketing is about communicating the right message to the right audience. Be clear in deciding who your ideal applicant is. That will determine how to word your job advertisement and where you should place it. Ensure that you also list down your key messages that are relevant and attractive to your intended target employees.

3) Hire Slow, Fire Fast.

It is crucial to be patient during the hiring process. If you have put up your job advertisement at the right place for the right target audience and still have not gotten the right person, keep repeating the process until you do.


4) Uncover Skills and Behaviour. 

Ensure that you are also uncovering their skills and behaviour which can be done in various ways such as scenario-building group sessions. For example, you will able to analyse someone’s discipline in punctuality when you invite them to turn up at a certain time. If they are late, they are probably also going to be late down the track. Analyse other useful cues such as the way they dress, behave and think, and the decisions they make in role-play situations. Conduct a skills test or assign a little project so that you can ensure that they are a great fit for your business before you hire them.

“Never take the best out of the bad bunch.”



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