Getting Things Done Right The First Time

Getting Things Done Right The First Time
November 1, 2018 Biznostics

How often do things get done right the first time in your business?

When things are not done right the first time, it will end up costing you time and money, which can be quite frustrating.

For example, an electrician turns up only to find out that he had ran out of some materials that he needed for the job. As a result, he had to drive to the nearest local hardware store to get the necessary materials he needed at the expense of his time.

Here are some things you can consider enhancing the productivity and efficiency in your business:

Firstly, identify the root cause. What is the cause of the actual problem? In the example of the electrician, why are things being left off? Was it the lack of an inventory checklist that could have helped him be better prepared and organised?

Secondly, implement a system that will save time, energy, and money. Checklists are handy especially when it can help you stay more organised by ensuring steps or materials are not missed. Videos and step-by-step guides are handy and help to provide instructions for others to follow.

Thirdly, train your team. Just writing the system won’t fix the problem if your staff are not capable in running the system. Just by writing a checklist doesn’t mean it’ll be used. Train every staff who needs to be trained in that system, so they can use it effectively.

It is also essential to ensure that these systems are being followed by having check-in points.


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