How Biznostics Works

1) Take a Diagnostic On Your Business

Through the Biznostics Portal,  you will start by answering a series of simple questions about your small business that you already know the answer to. It takes less than 20 minutes and skips areas that are not relevant to your situation. This helps you get a feel for how each area of your business is tracking, and gets you thinking about areas that may need more focus.

2) Identify Gaps and Pinpoint Where to Start

Based on the answers you provide, you will discover how your business is tracking against the 8 core areas of business success with your Business Success Score and personalised Biznostics Dashboard. You’ll find out where you are strongest, where you are weakest, and the areas you need to focus on.  You’ll be given recommendations on the three best strategies you can take for your business right now.

3) Take Step-by-step Missions to Move Your Business Forward

The help you need is packaged into Missions, where you will be guided with the actions to take to improve your business. This is designed to help you create an even more successful business that puts you back in control once again. Choose from 60 easy-to-implement missions across the 8 foundations of business including: Cashflow, People, Sales, Time, Operations, Marketing, Customers and Profit.   You’ll find them easy to understand and easy to complete.

4) You Will Have Support Every Step of the Way

Each mission contains templates, tools and examples to assist you with implementating your strategy. And if you ever get stuck or have any questions our experienced advisors are available through email and live chat.