• Business-Inbox

    How to stay on top of your email inbox?

    Are you drowning in your inbox?   Do you find it hard to find important emails or seem to have a an inbox you never seem to get on top of? If this sounds familiar to you,  check out the following tips on how to stay on top of your…

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  • Marius-Bruning

    How electrician Marius Bruning created more family time

    Bruning: Biznostics has helped me increase profits and create more family time Meet Marius Bruning, an electrician who runs a small electrical business and has 3 young children.  He was always getting caught up in his business with phone calls and driving around to jobs, which made him lose sight…

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  • True purpose of a small business

    What exactly is the true purpose of a small business?

    Over the weekend, Gavin spent some time at his son’s soccer game where he got thinking about the purpose of a small business. What if the purpose of a business was to serve you, your family and your community? Growing up, the local sporting clubs were usually sponsored by a…

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  • Work Harder And Smarter

    How do we work smarter AND harder?

    In this week’s BizTruth, we explore the saying ‘work smarter not harder’ and how this applies to you as a small business owner. This saying is attributed to Allan Mogensen in the 1930s who was an industrial engineering consultant who is known as the the father of work simplification.  Allan would do…

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  • different perspective on break-even point

    Look at Your Break-Even Point Differently to Make More Profit

    As a business owner, calculating your break-even point is an important number for you to know.  So what is the break-even point? Break-even is when your profit is zero, you’re not making money and you’re not losing money. Knowing your break-even point can be helpful in deciding prices, setting sales…

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  • micro businesses are missing out

    Why Do Micro Businesses Keep Missing Out?

    Micro businesses are missing out on the business help they need because most people endeavouring to help small businesses are starting one rung higher up the the business ladder. We want to speak into something that we believe is missing from the small business landscape and that is support, help and…

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  • Did you know that 83 small businesses fail every 60 seconds somewhere in the world?

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