• How to take more time off

    3 ways to take more time off from your small business.

    Do you have a holiday in mind that you’ve been wanting to go on, but never got around to actually getting the time off? It’s undeniable to feel that you need to work day and night when owning your own business. You find yourself with an endless list of things…

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  • How to stay energised when running a small business.

    There are a lot of responsibilities of having your own business. It’s easy to get caught up in things that end up taking more time out of your day. It’s important to do the things that needs to get done. But if you’re letting your business run you instead of…

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  • How to get more done in your small business

    Have you ever found yourself starting something only to end up losing focus and never getting around to finishing it? Often when you try and get ahead of things in your small business you tend to take on a few extra tasks to get as much done as possible. But…

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  • Are you productive or procrastinating in your business?

    Everyone knows and has felt the tempting tendency of putting something off until tomorrow when you know you should be doing it today – or better described as procrastinating. People usually procrastinate to avoid or delay tasks and do something else instead. If this continues over a period of time…

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  • Business losing profits

    Is Your Business Losing Profit?

    When owning your own small business it’s in your own best interest to make sure you are making a profit. To be successful in the long-term your business needs to be able to sustain enough money to cover running costs plus extra insuring that you are maintaining a beneficial income…

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  • Are Customers Always Right

    When Customers Are Not Always Right

    You’ve probably heard of the saying “The customers are always right”, which has become a well-known term that is used in almost every business. So where does the phrase come from? It was originally from a gentleman by the name of Harry Gordon Selfridge who was behind the Selfridge department stores…

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  • Fix Business Problems

    How to identify real business problems?

    As a business owner, chances are that at some point you would have experienced a number of obstacles that comes with running a business. You try to find a solution to these problems, however it can become frustrating when you find yourself dealing with the same issues over and over…

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  • Keep Motivated As A Business Owner

    How to maintain motivation and stay sharp as a business owner?

      Finding the time to take a break and figuring out how to re-ignite your motivation can be challenging when running a business. After all, you are wearing many hats and there always seems to be a lot going on. You work harder and harder hoping one day you’ll be…

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  • Family first

    Why should we put family first in business?

    So how can we design our businesses so it puts family first? Last week, one of the founders of Biznostics, Rueben, spent some days at home looking after his eldest daughter who was at home sick from school. During this time, it really got him thinking about how hard it…

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  • Business-Inbox

    How to stay on top of your email inbox?

    Are you drowning in your inbox?   Do you find it hard to find important emails or seem to have a an inbox you never seem to get on top of? If this sounds familiar to you,  check out the following tips on how to stay on top of your…

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  • Marius-Bruning

    How electrician Marius Bruning created more family time

    Bruning: Biznostics has helped me increase profits and create more family time Meet Marius Bruning, an electrician who runs a small electrical business and has 3 young children.  He was always getting caught up in his business with phone calls and driving around to jobs, which made him lose sight…

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