• Why Is Family Time Important For You And Your Business?

    It is important for every family to be doing things together. It is even more important when you are running a small business – whether you are working for your business from home or from an office. Small business owners often work really hard and this often means working after-hours…

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  • How To Set Clear Goals For Your Business

    Many business owners often lose motivation in business because they do not have goals to work towards to – be it business goals or just personal goals. They get deflated easily and lose their drive because they feel that they do not know which direction they are headed for.  It…

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  • How To Generate More Leads For Your Small Business

    How To Generate More Leads For Your Small Business

    One of the most effective ways to generate more leads for your small business is by pulling together a database of your customers. This database can simply be acquired from various sources including a list of previous customers, enquiries or past invoices. The key is to put them together into…

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  • Identify And Eliminate Time-wasters In Your Small Business

    Identify and Eliminate Time-wasters In Your Small Business

    Many small business owners often find themselves bringing work home at night or on the weekend at the cost of family or relaxation time. This can be avoided if time is managed effectively by eliminating unnecessary time-wasters that may be counter-productive to your business. Now, what wastes our time? There…

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  • How Many Sales Do You Need To Make The Profit You Want

    How Many Sales Do You Need To Make The Profit You Want?

    A question we often get asked is how many sales do I need to make to make the profit I desire? So what is that magic number for you? Most business owners are wishy-washy with their sales numbers and will either just take whatever that comes their way or they…

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  • 5 Tips to Effectively Outsource Tasks Overseas

    Do you get caught up doing mundane tasks in your business? Outsourcing overseas can be a simple way to get things done with qualified professionals for as little as $5/hour. The great thing is this is easier than ever before with sites such as UpWork, Airtasker, Guru and Fiverr who have…

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  • How To Get More Referrals For Your Small Business

    4 Tips To Get More Referrals For Your Small Business

    Referrals are a great source of new business and an effective marketing tool. If you are already getting word of mouth in your business, a little bit more focus and energy in the right areas can significantly impact your business in a lot of ways. By organising your referral program,…

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  • Make Time For Important Moments

    Make Time for Important Moments. It’s Not All About Business.

    Sometimes, business owners have the tendency to work really hard towards their business goals that they neglect the important and valuable moments in their life. Often, we tend to forget that one of the reasons that we went into business in the first place was to be our own boss,…

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  • Hire The Best Employees

    4 Tips To Hire The Best Employees For Your Small Business

    Hiring employees can be a big decision as a business owner. If you hire the right person, they are going to be a great asset for your business and help you move your business forward. However, if you hire the wrong person, it is going to cost you a considerable…

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  • Build A Business That Serves You

    Build a Business That Serves You – Why Is It Important?

    Why is it Important to Build a Business That Serves You?   Have you ever felt that you are working harder than you actually should in your small business? Have you ever felt that you are being paid less than you are supposed to for all the hard work you…

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  • Support system business owner

    Who Has Helped You on Your Small Business Journey?

    Behind every small business owner there is a support network that has helped and drive them into what they are today. Running your own small business can be challenging at times. It is a journey filled with highs and lows that is made manageable with the help of your closest…

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  • Manage your tasks efficiently

    4 steps to getting more done in your small business

    Do you wish you had more time in your day to get things done? As a business owner, you want to make sure that you are managing your time effectively. Knowing that you carry an endless list of things to do can take up your time and lead to having…

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