• Processes and People In Your Business

    Get your business humming along with these two key areas. Businesses fundamentally run on some key processes. For example, the process of acquiring customers, or the process of getting a specific task completed. Processes enable your business to run smoothly if they are followed consistently. Without them, it would be…

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  • Getting Things Done Right The First Time

    How often do things get done right the first time in your business? When things are not done right the first time, it will end up costing you time and money, which can be quite frustrating. For example, an electrician turns up only to find out that he had ran…

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  • Get Someone Better Than You To Move Your Business Forward

    If no one can do it as good as you, how then will you be able to focus on the other aspects of your business requiring more of your attention? There may be many reasons why we think that way sometimes. However, we’ve shortlisted them to three key reasons: 1)…

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  • The Similarities Between Fishing and Marketing

    Here is an interesting analogy around the similarities between fishing and marketing. Have you considered how this could be applied to marketing your business? Firstly, one of the important things when it comes to marketing is where to market our product. With fishing, the very first thing we think about…

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  • The Truth About Drawing Money From Your Business

    How often are you drawing money out of your business? Drawing from your business can lead you into a trap, especially if you treat your business as an ATM to spend for personal use or your company. Here is how you can avoid falling into that trap and still be…

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  • Invest some time to work on your business

    How much time are you spending on your business, instead of in your business? It is important to invest some time every day to work on your business so that you can improve it and maximise your profitability. A lot of business owners often occupy most of their time working…

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  • How to Follow-Up Your Quotes Effectively

    Do you do quotes for your business? Increasing the conversion rate of your quotes can be as simple as having an effective follow-up system. You’ve done the hard work in getting the enquiries you want. You have worked out a proposal, a quote, made some measurements or had further discussions.…

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  • The Importance of Asking Better Questions In Your Business

    You might have heard the famous saying that “nothing is impossible“. When working towards your desired outcomes, it is always important not to take anything at face value. There is always a way around issues in every situation. Consider this situation: You have broken your foot a few weeks before…

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  • How To Make Your Quotes Stand Out

    People tend to seek multiple quotes before they make a decision on who they are going to use, especially with higher-priced jobs and items. So, when you are giving your customers a quote, you should bear in mind that your quote is probably not the only quote they have received.…

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  • Work Smart

    Where Are You Working Hard, Instead of Smart, In Your Business?

    Are there areas of your business where you are working harder instead of smarter? Working hard is one of the keys to success but only if you work hard on the right things. Here are four things for you to consider to help you work smarter in your business so…

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  • Learn the lesson

    How You Can Move Your Business Forward by Learning the Lesson

    Have you ever been in the place where the same mistakes or situations keep happening in your business no matter how you attempt to solve it? These repetitive problems can frustrate you, and even your team. It can possibly frustrate your customers too. No matter where you are in your…

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  • When Is It The Right Time To Hire Your Next Employee For Your Business?

    Have you ever felt like you needed to hire another employee for your business, but are unsure if you are able to financially sustain that commitment?  Here are some simple things to consider when you are making a decision on when to hire your next employee: 1) Work out how many extra sales it will take to cover the wage…

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