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The 8 Core Areas of Small Business Success


Biznostics has identified 8 core areas of small business success that form the foundation of a successful business.  These come from extensive global studies into the key causes of small business failure. This is not necessarily a positive thing, though in order to have success, you need to know what causes failure, and this is a real thing because every 60 seconds somewhere in the world 83 small businesses fail – and it does not have to be this way.

The 8 core areas are:


Managing and having access to the right amount of cash to run your business


Having the right people with the right mix of skills and attitude to help you


Creating the right amount and type of sales that your business needs on an ongoing basis


Using your time wisely to do the important things in your business that actually count


Making sure that the way you do business is as efficient as possible


Ensuring your business is generating enough of the right type of enquiries


Getting your customers coming back and referring their friends


Making the right level of profits to grow and sustain your business and family

When you get these 8 areas right in your business, then you are well on your way to the business success you imagined when you started your business … and when your business is thriving, then your home life is thriving and this has a positive impact on your community.


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