Being a Successful Business Owner

Being A Successful Business Owner

The 8 Core Areas of business success focus on the fundamentals of your business.  The other critical determinant of your business success is you.

Why do two businesses in the same industry who have access to the same information end up in two different places?  It is what they do with the information that counts.  It is all about their attitude and their actions.

The fact is the more you grow as a business owner the more successful your business will be.

And it is our thinking about our self and our business that determines how quickly we grow and what we will do or won’t do to build a successful business.

Too often we can be our own worst enemy with some of the things we think or say to ourselves.  These can include things like:

Blaming others when things go wrong

When something doesn’t work out it can be easy to blame someone else.  But it’s not the government, your customer or your suppliers fault.

If something does go wrong with a customer, contract or staff member … own it.

The first place you need to look is in the mirror.

Take responsibility and make it right.

You will get things solved in half the time, rather than avoiding, denying, blaming or whatever other thing doesn’t involve owning it and fixing it.

Being closed off to new ideas and opportunities

This is the old ‘can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ and can really hold your business back.  The pace of business is so fast these days that you need to be able to be open and nimble to adaptable to changes in your market place.

Unfortunately, many small business owners get stuck in ‘I’ve always done it that way’ or ‘Everyone in my industry does it that way’… and this keeps your business in the same place

It comes back to the definition of insanity – doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

For things to change, you must be open to new ideas and new possibilities.

Thinking your business situation is different

This is another area where you start to close off before even having a go.  It is where you tell yourself that that it won’t work in your situation or you’ve tried it before.

Perhaps you tried it the wrong way.  Perhaps you didn’t try at all.

The reality is that at their core all businesses are the same.  Every business must deal with people. Every business needs to make sales.  Every business needs good cashflow.  Every business must make profit.  Every business should pay its owner to work there.

Your job is to get great at these core areas of your business.

Thinking no one can do it as good as me

If you think that no one can do it as good as you then who ends up doing it?  You!

This thinking keeps your business small because when you think this it is hard to delegate and hard to trust people…and running your business becomes hard.

The reality is there are better people to do some of the things in your business.  It is up to you to find them, hire them, train them and lead them so you can get more done in your business.


We all have fears, of different things: fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of loss, fear of heights, fear of death.  Fear is actually a good thing as it is designed to protect us.  The problem comes when we are feeling fear when something is outside of our comfort zone… as this is often where growth comes from.

Successful people still feel fear, but they will still act.  At the end of the day being in business is about taking calculated risks.  Your job is to educate yourself so you can make an informed decision and move forward outside your comfort zone.

Left unchecked, all these types of thoughts can sabotage your success as a business owner.

To combat this you need to be always working on a success mindset so that when things get a bit tough you are able to come through stronger on the other side.

Check out the tips below on how you can become a successful business owner



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