What To Do When You Get Stuck In Your Business

What To Do When You Get Stuck In Your Business
April 24, 2019 Biznostics


Are you feeling stuck in a particular area of your business?

When you get stuck in your business, you can get worried, you can get anxious, you can get frustrated and go, “how am I going to get out of this rut, how am I going to get out of this situation?”.


Worrying about it does not add a day to your life.  It does not actually help the situation.

In fact, there are two things that you can do, which can have a massive impact when you are stuck:

1) Choose Your Attitude

The first one is to look at your attitude. Start to choose your thoughts, your words, and what you are saying about the situation. If you start saying “I can’t win any business,” or “the economy is really slow” – is that true? Because once start saying something you start believing it.  Your brain will start to find the evidence of where that is true. So if you think things are quiet, you will start to find the evidence of why it is quiet.

Even the same business owners in the same industry in the same city could be having a very different experience. One could be having record months whilst the other could be saying, “Hey, it is very quiet out there”.

Quite often, it is their attitude is the only thing that is different

So change your attitude and start looking at what is working, rather than what is not.

2) Choose Your Actions

The second thing you can control of when you are stuck is your actions. What actions could you take? Instead of worrying about it, what could you do to change the situation?

What is one thing that you could do to change the situation:

  • Who could you call or talk to?
  • What follow-ups could you do for more business?
  • What actions could you take?
  • Is there a marketing campaign you could run?
  • What steps could you take?

Then take the steps! If you sit there stationary, then nothing is going to change. If you start to take steps towards what you want, then things will change.

So remember, two things that you are in charge of – your attitude and your actions.

If you start to take steps towards what you want with a great attitude, then you will move out of the position of being stuck.



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