The Importance of Sowing Into Your Family

The Importance of Sowing Into Your Family
April 19, 2019 Biznostics


In every small business, it is important that you get constant support from your family or your loved ones.

The question is how do you make sure that you continuously get their support?

It is ideal that when you are working hard in business, we get our family behind us every step of the way. Thus, it is really critical to think of ways to make sure that your family are continuously supporting you when you are seeking the support you need.

The concept of ‘sow so that you reap’ (or ‘reap what you sow’) really applies here.

So how do you sow into your family?

Let’s explore date nights, or dates in general. Are you having the weekly or monthly dates with your spouse? If you have children, have you been deliberately planning dates to the park or the beach with them?

Take your wife out for lunch or even arrange with your wife or your husband for them to take you out. For example, bring your wife out to a concert, or have her take you out to watch her favourite movie. Another example is if your son loves fishing, bring him out for a fishing trip in the weekend.

 It is important to invest quality time

What matters is that you invest quality time in that relationship.  That way you can reap the essential support you need for your business.

The key here is that you need to intentionally invest time. Invest time with your children, your wife or husband, your family or any of your loved ones. They will give you that breathing space for you to put the hard yards into your business.

There are also crucial moments where you need that family support behind us while you are putting the hard yards in.

To get that family support, you need to sow into your family to reap it back.

If you are not doing this, start doing it. If you are doing it, do it more.



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