3 Things That Could Stop You From Achieving Your Goals

3 Things That Could Stop You From Achieving Your Goals
January 29, 2019 Biznostics


Did you achieve all the goals you set for yourself last year?

How do you feel about the results you achieved in your business?

Would you rather put last year behind you and forget that it even happened?

Having a successful small business needs to happen by design and not by accident.  Never just hope that by the calendar clicking over that all of a sudden things will change.

To help you have a successful start to this year simply address these three common things that can stop you from being successful.

1) No or unclear goals

If you aim for nothing, you’re bound to get nothing, so to have no goals when you’re running a small business is just crazy. To have unclear goals gives you unclear focus.  So you’ll end up being fuzzy and unsure of where you’re heading.

So, you need to have clear goals. Super clear, crystal clear… the clearer the better.

This is extra important if you have other people in your business so you can make sure you are all heading in the same direction.

2) No plan

If you’re not planning on where you’re going, then how are you actually going to get anywhere?

You’ll go around in circles, you’ll spin your wheels, but you won’t actually get to wherever it is you’re trying to get to. So, even in your mind, you might have been thinking, hey! I wanted to get to here, but if you’ve got no plan to get to here, then you are not going to get there.

So, you need to have a plan!

3) Mental sabotage

This is where your mins as a business owner takes you out of the game.

This is where how you feel that day, that week, that month, that quarter, becomes how you run your business.

So, if you felt things were falling apart, then you’d run your business as if it’s falling apart.

And if you were too scared to do something, to take an action, then you wouldn’t take the action.

In business you need to embrace these things and take these challenges on and get above your feelings and do what’s required on any given day.

So just to recap, to increase your chances of success:

  • Have clear goals
  • Have a step-by-step plan
  • Keep mentally sharp.

Now when you do this, you’re going to increase your confidence in your business, you’re going be super focused, you’re going get the results you’re after, you’re going to be successful and you’re going to make your family proud of you.


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